Rezaik Algedrawy

Professional in various fields of construction
Rezaik Algedrawy

Project Overview

Al-Gedrawy company was founded at the beginning of the 1980s as an enterprise and has been transformed into a company on 2013.

It has been built, since originated and over more than a decade, on strong solid goals and qualified superior skills team.

With over thirty years of perseverance and hard work, we became professional in various fields of construction. We execute a wide range of mega projects in Residential, Commercial and Educational sectors as well as Infrastructure works for many residential communities.

The company carries out the projects in a framework of mutual understanding with the Customer and Consultants to achieve the greatest customer satisfaction and the top-notch Quality standards, which helps to construct projects that work efficiently and with minimal maintenance.

We have a network of good relations with business clients, investors and government agencies, as well as the large construction companies in the region.

Our vision is to be the leading company in the field of construction and engineering services in the Middle East and North Africa through a network of sister companies. We have established strategic partnerships with many engineering consultancy firms with extensive experience.


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