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Altameer Arabian is one of the leading companies in the real estate development industry. Our essence is a twisted blend between luxury, authenticity and modernization. Thoroughly, we aim to execute a well approached lifestyle in the Gulf and African countries as well as achieving a very sophisticated, private lifestyle in all our projects, and providing decent investment opportunities. 

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Our executive team has decades of experience in the real estate industry. From financing to legal issues, our experts provide invaluable knowledge to help you maximize your investments.

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Al Tameer Arabian is a collaboration and partnership between the Saudi and Egyptian partners in the Egyptian market, in light of the strong relations that link the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the entry of many Saudi investments into Egypt through investment companies and the Saudi Sovereign Fund. We look forward to more investments in the coming periods not only in the real estate development sector but also in various industries as we have already initiated in the agricultural, trade, construction and manufacturing fields. Our work relies confidently on the noticeable cultural heritage and the strong business relations between both nations and governments backed up with our experience and achievements in the Kingdom since the early nineties.